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Hydraulic excavator


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This series of products highlights the advantages of high efficiency and energy saving by improving the product power performance and reducing the system energy damage.At the same time, the reliability and durability of the product are improved by strengthening the rigidity of the car body and improving the convenience of maintenance.


·Improve the fuel economy of the engine by upgrading the control system of the engine and the main pump
·The fan is connected with silicon oil clutch to reduce fuel consumption during operation
·Improve the hydraulic system and reduce the pressure loss of the hydraulic system.
·Improve the position of the main filter element and improve the maintenance performance of the equipment
·Upgrade the rotary system to improve the reliability and durability of the rotary system
·The newly upgraded large TFT hydraulic monitoring system makes it easy to monitor the machine
·Equipped with standard kangchashi system, it can feed back machine information for you anytime, anywhere


parameter name PC215LC-10M0
Working weight Kg 22000
Rated power kW(PS) 123(166)
Bucket capacity M3 1.2
performance Maximum walking speed high speed km/h 5.5
Medium speed km/h 4.1
low speed km/h 3
Maximum digging force of bucket KGF 15200
Maximum digging force of stick KGF 11000
size overall length Mm 9550
Full width Mm 2980
Full height Mm 3045
Scope of work Maximum excavation height Mm 10065
Maximum unloading height Mm 7160
Maximum excavation depth Mm 6515
Maximum vertical excavation depth Mm 5810
Maximum excavation radius Mm 9860
Maximum excavation radius at ground level Mm 9680
engine model - Komatsu saa6d107e-1
Rated speed RPM 2000
displacement Ltr 6.69

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