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May 2001: Henan Branch of xiaosongshantui Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. was established
In 2004, in order to meet the market development and customer demand, the company restructured and established Henan Xiaosong Construction Machinery Co., Ltd
In 2004, it won the first prize of KSC agent store for sales growth rate of PC200 and PC220 models
In 2005, the main pump test bench independently developed by the workshop was officially put into use, and was certified by Komatsu China ppm workshop
2006: Xiaosong (China) 2006 parts sales progress award
2008: in order to meet the needs of the company's development, the company's new office was established in Huiji District, Zhengzhou
2009: won the first prize of hydraulic excavator in the 13th China regional skills competition conference of Komatsu (China)
2010: the company officially changed its name to Henan Kailong Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. and moved to No. 8, ring road, Huiji District, Zhengzhou city. In May, the company held a relocation ceremony
2010: Henan Kailong never forgets its original intention and announced the establishment of Kailong love fund at the company's annual meeting
2010: the introduction of engine test bench has added another guarantee for engine maintenance quality
2010: won the best agent store award in 2010, the excavator market share increase award in 2010, the company sold 1213 sets of complete machines, and sold more than 1000 sets for the first time in the history of Kelon
November 2014: Komatsu China Awarded Henan Kailong workshop as sok2 engine / ppm overhaul standard workshop, and won the third place in fault diagnosis of the 18th Komatsu China skills competition conference in 2014
2015: won the 2015 Komatsu China ease Engineering Excellence Award
2017: won the 2017 whole machine sales champion
June 2018: introduce Guangdong Xinou hydraulic pump test bench, self processed 500t press, put into use
2018: won the 2018 Komatsu China new car ease engineering comprehensive excellent award, 2018 small excavator sales champion
July 2019: the new overhaul plant transformation is completed, and the new environmental protection plant is officially put into use
October 2019: the first pc500lc-10m0 was successfully assembled and delivered in Zhongyuan


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