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Komatsu (China) North China Central China sales skills competition closed successfully

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On July 11, 2014, Komatsu (China) North China Central China sales skills competition opened in Kailong, Henan Province! The competition is divided into two parts: branch management and sales negotiation simulation. The sales experts elected by the agents in North China and central China participated in the competition.
After a day of fierce competition, Komatsu of Inner Mongolia won the first place in the 13 ton competition in Central China, Ningxia won the first place in the 20 ton competition, and Wuhan Komatsu managed by the branch won the first place; Hebei Komatsu won the first place in the 13 ton and 20 ton competition and the management competition of the branch in North China. In the competition, the contestants showed their ability, product knowledge and sales skills learned in ordinary times, and the excellent comments of the final judges also made the contestants see their shortcomings and get valuable suggestions for improvement.
The sales skills competition of Komatsu (China) is an important practice of sales skills. It provides a platform for marketers to learn and exchange experience, and shows and tests the skills and achievements of the marketing team. Only skilled skills, thorough implementation and continuous innovation, is the marketing staff in the treacherous sea of business to cut through thorns!


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