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Komatsu Tokyo senben supervision service and Komatsu financing horizontal tail general manager visited Kchibo, Henan

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On the morning of July 17, Komatsu, general manager of Tokyo Morimoto inspection service and Komatsu financing HENGWEI and their delegation visited Kailong, Henan Province. After visiting the company, Henan Kailong organized a debt work report exchange meeting.
At the meeting, general manager Morimoto and HENGWEI highly affirmed the corporate culture and credit management of Henan Kailong after listening to the brief introduction of Henan Kailong company and the report of credit management of Henan Kailong. This meeting is a two-way communication process. Through communication, we have a deeper understanding of the policies of Komatsu financing. At the same time, we take this opportunity to give feedback to Komatsu financing on matters that need assistance in our relevant business.
This exchange has promoted the friendly and cooperative relationship between our company and Komatsu financing, and laid a foundation for the long-term and win-win cooperation between the two sides in the future.


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