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Seminar on "Komatsu spirit" in Kailong, Henan Province

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On May 30, 2014, in the conference room of Fengyuan Hotel, Henan Kailong specially invited Dong Jianguo, director of Komatsu China Technology Development Center, and Zhang Botao, section chief of Komatsu China personnel department, to conduct Komatsu spirit training for the managers of the company's branches and the management positions above the section chief. Focus on the spirit of Komatsu, in-depth study of the significance of "improvement" for the real work, explore the promotion of improvement for the work, and simulate the improvement on the spot. In the next three months, the company will continue to promote activities based on its own work, learning the spirit of Komatsu and continuous improvement within the company, and will develop improvement projects and examples based on science and technology to ensure that Komatsu spirit takes root in Kailong, Henan Province.


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