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Hydraulic excavator


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Productive features:Powerful digging force, huge bucket capacity, short cycle time, fast and economic operation modes, multiple buckets, stick and boom combinations


·Easy to maintain
The replacement cycle of engine oil, engine oil filter element and hydraulic oil filter element extends the equipment management monitoring system, the vehicle fault monitoring system platform and corridor make the maintenance more convenient, safe and comfortable cab


parameter name   PC1250-8
Working weight Kg 106500
Rated total power of engine kW/PS 514/699
Rated net power of engine kW/PS 502/683
Bucket capacity range M3 3.4~6.7
performance Maximum travel speed high speed km/h 3.2
Medium speed km/h  
low speed km/h 2.1
Bucket digging force (max) (ISO) KGF 48800
Stick digging force (max) (ISO) KGF 42000
size overall length Mm 16020
Full width Mm 4965
Full height Mm 6040
Scope of work Maximum excavation height Mm 13400
Maximum unloading height Mm 8680
Maximum excavation depth Mm 9350
Maximum vertical excavation depth Mm 7610
Maximum excavation radius Mm 15350
Maximum excavation radius at ground level Mm 15000
engine Engine model - Komatsu saa6d170e-5
Rated speed RPM 1800
displacement L 23.15

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Phone : +86151-3638-1278

Tel : +860371-63770518

Email : 809513769

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