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Hydraulic excavator


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Powerful and efficient engine combined with closed hydraulic system (clss), give full play to the performance of the equipment.
The equipment adopts 40 ton strengthening chassis, which improves the stability of operation.
The standard 1.9m3 high-efficiency rock bucket greatly improves the loading efficiency.


high efficiency
·High power engine and efficient hydraulic system improve the working efficiency of the equipment.
·The standard large capacity 1.9m3 high-efficiency rock bucket improves the excavation efficiency and the work volume.
High reliability and durability
·The main parts of the engine and pump are imported from Japan, which improves the reliability of the equipment.
·The manufacturing accuracy of the rotary system is upgraded to improve the durability of the equipment.
·The fuel system adopts large-scale fuel prefilter, fuel tank breather valve and other structures to reduce the damage of impurities to the fuel system.
·The hydraulic system adopts the combination of hydraulic oil tank breathing valve and large hydraulic oil filter element to improve the reliability and durability of the hydraulic system.
·The air pre filter with self discharging dust and large air filter are used to reduce the air pollution caused by environmental dust.
High stability
·The 40 ton high reliable chassis is adopted to improve the stability of operation.


parameter name PC390LC-8M0
Working weight Kg 38000
Rated power kW(PS) 187(254)
Bucket capacity M3 1.9
performance Maximum walking speed high speed km/h 4.3
Medium speed km/h 3.5
low speed km/h 2.5
Maximum digging force of bucket KGF 27775
Maximum digging force of stick KGF 19760
size overall length Mm 11170
Full width Mm 3340
Full height Mm 3400
Scope of work Maximum excavation height Mm 9970
Maximum unloading height Mm 7065
Maximum excavation depth Mm 6900
Maximum vertical excavation depth Mm 4730
Maximum excavation radius Mm 10765
Maximum excavation radius at ground level Mm 10550
engine model - SAA6D114E-3
Rated speed RPM 1950
displacement Ltr 8.27

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Email : 809513769

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