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Hydraulic excavator


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Applicable conditions:Road construction, agriculture, forestry and water conservancy, bridge, Quarrying and concrete, urban construction, Airport


The operation efficiency of 2.0m3 large capacity bucket is increased by about 15% compared with the original 30t model
Strengthen working device, greatly enhance durability
The counterweight is 700kg higher than the original 30t model, and the stability is increased
Efficient fuel filter system can effectively protect the engine
High strength vehicle body design can ensure the durability of vehicle under high load operation
Safe and comfortable cab, making long-term operation not easy to fatigue
Equipped with standard kangchashi system, it can monitor machine information for you anytime, anywhere

parameter name   Pc300-8m0 large earthwork specification
Working weight Kg 33200
Rated power kW(PS) 187(254)
Bucket capacity M3 2.0
performance Maximum walking speed high speed km/h 5.5
Medium speed km/h 4.5
low speed km/h 3.2
Maximum digging force of bucket KN 227
Maximum digging force of stick KN 189
size overall length Mm 11200
Full width Mm 3190
Full height Mm 3243
Scope of work Maximum excavation height Mm 9896
Maximum unloading height Mm 6962
Maximum excavation depth Mm 7004
Maximum vertical excavation depth Mm 6090
Maximum excavation radius Mm 10764
Maximum excavation radius at ground level Mm 10569
engine model - SAA6D114E-3
Rated speed RPM 1950
displacement Ltr 8.27

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Phone : +86151-3638-1278

Tel : +860371-63770518

Email : 809513769

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