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In the years of leaping forward, Henan Kailong Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. has accumulated rich experience in modern enterprise management. It has successively held large-scale promotional activities such as "dating Komatsu, sharing success", "working with Komatsu, and win-win situation". The success of the "Komatsu Henan Strategy Forum" shows the company's operation centered on the development of high-end customers and strategic cooperation units Strategy, strong driving regional sales, in order to achieve win-win business ambition, greatly improved the company's image.
"Mirs rise in the same wind one day and soar to 90000 Li." In the future, Henan Kailong Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. will pursue the values of "surpassing itself, pursuing excellence, dedicating society and achieving self", continue to strive for the grand strategic goal of product diversification, seriation and service specialization in the construction machinery industry, and strive to become the "first dealer of central China Construction machinery"! With the full implementation of the national strategy of Zhongyuan Economic Zone, the prospect of Henan Kailong Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. will be more brilliant!


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