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At the end of the year, Komatsu will buy 2000h maintenance parts for models below 20t (not included)

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In order to thank the customers for their consistent support and love, Henan Kailong specially launched the 2000 h service parts purchasing activity for Komatsu models below 20t (not included) at the end of 2013. The activity models are pc56-7, pc60-8, pc70-8, pc110-7, pc130-7, pc160lc-7.
Please contact the local sales hotline for details:
Zhengzhou East: Manager yuan 13937750710
Zhengzhou West: Manager Li 13633824619
Xinyang: Manager Wen 13607601617
Nanyang: Manager Wang 13703779931
Zhumadian: Manager Deng 138399613960
Jiao Zuo: left manager 13783915251
Xinxiang: Manager: 13837397201
Luoyang: Manager Zhang 15036988711
Anyang: manager Jiang 13525833101
Pingdingshan: Manager song 13837546685
Xu Chang: Manager Xu 13733732178
Zhoukou, Luohe: manager Zheng 13903879722
Shangqiu, Kaifeng: Manager Wang 13569517971


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